“The first day of school, my parents took me to school….”
Grade 1, a big turning point in life for every child.
The first grade is full of surprises, where students begin to learn new words, calculations, and more! A time that will nurture dreams to fly high and far in the sky of knowledge.
After a long period of online learning, the big day is here! The first day our SNS grade 1 students will study at school. These memorable childhood moments will forever be imprinted in the memory of each child. There will be surprises, worries, and suspense, but the children will soon integrate into the new school thanks to the attention and love of the teachers and the care and protection of their older peers.
As these young learners start their 12 year journey, we wish that they are always healthy, innocent, and eager for all the exciting adventures waiting on the horizon!
Kindly have a look our moments of “First day of school”:
On the first day of school, my parent took me to school
Grade 1 students are welcomed at the school gate
Remember to keep memorable images with family on a momentous day like today
We are 1st graders at Nicholas School!

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