The period from 2 to 6 years old is a golden period for kids to acquire and form their personality, awareness, and comprehensive physical and brain development.

At St. Nicholas School, the Kindergarten program combines an English program based on the American curriculum framework with an intensive personal development program. Teaching activities designed and delivered by native teachers help children develop 6 important foundational skills:

Social and emotional awareness development

Kids understand themselves about family, school, and the larger community outside – from which they will learn to empathize, share and cooperate with others communities around them.

Physical development

St. Nicholas School always ensures a daily physical training schedule for preschool children to increase their endurance, stimulate height development, and have a healthy and robust body. Children’s physical development activities include morning exercise, movement games with tools, swimming, cycling, and outdoor learning activities…

Communication skills development

Kindergarteners at St. Nicholas School are familiarized very early with building Vietnamese-English bilingual listening, speaking, pre-reading, and pre-writing skills through stimulating communication activities such as acting, storytelling, interactive games. Not only that, learning and communicating directly with foreign teachers and classmates every day helps kids quickly develop their reaction speed to language and form natural phonetics.

Elementary academic skills development

From Kindergarten, St. Nicholas School students have access to the American educational environment with subjects such as Phonetics, Math, Science, English Language, Social Studies …. Lessons are designed in the form of games to help increase interaction and interest from children, and stimulate the brain development of children.

Lifestyle skill development

Basic lessons in communication behavior, self-care, self-defense, emotion management… are put into skillful training in programs and outdoor activities for kindergarteners, gradually forming the quality of independence and self-control in living and studying.

Critical thinking and talents development

The exposure to numbers, letters, shapes, art, music… in the daily learning program at SNS helps children form analytical thinking and early artistic appreciation.

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