America is a developed country with a world leading education system. This is why many Vietnamese parents and high school students choose to study abroad in the US. Offering Vietnamese students the opportunity to live in their home country while still being able to access a developed education in the US at an early age, St. Nicholas has cooperated with the University of Missouri (USA) to deploy an international training program with globally recognized certificates and degrees.

SNS students are equal to American native students

   Students participating in the International Program at St. Nicholas School (SNS) is taught with credits in the form of Blended Learning (a combination of traditional classrooms and 4.0 technology e-learning) by 100% local teachers. The program is accredited by TEA – Texas Education Agency, responsible for supervision acts of public institutions in Texas, USA. After completing the program, students will receive an American high school diploma, standardized TOEFL scores, and be fully prepared to study abroad with the goal of gaining scholarships at top universities. It is important to specify that SNS students are equal to Native American students in terms of qualifications, knowledge, skills, and interests.

SNS students graduating from high school can receive an American diploma which is recognized globally

   Furthermore, the program at SNS not only provides a degree of global value, but also equips students with the right skills and attitudes to develop themselves and be ready for admission to leading universities. top of the world. They are equipped with extensive Knowledge in important areas; Physical, intellectual, emotional and moral development; Improve English ability; Developing self-study and self-research capacity similar to the learning environment at universities in the US through the American standard training program Common Core.

Open the door to top-tier Univeristy around the Globe

   A particularly important factor is that the academic program at SNS helps students increase their chances of applying for scholarships at top universities around the world. The data has proven that the probability of students with an American high school diploma with a quality scholarship than is considerably higher. Students at SNS can study according to the American standard academic program, experience a modern educational environment with 4.0 technology where all programs and courses are accredited. SNS also cooperates with Ivy Global School (also a member of EQuest education group) to support career counseling and oversea study for students. Broward University alone will give scholarships to students who complete the program and have good academic results.

   Especially, with the training program at SNS, students can access the higher education system. With an American International School Diploma, students can apply to universities and colleges across the United States.

SNS students have many opportunities to study abroad with scholarships at top universities in the world

   Over the years, many students with an American International Baccalaureate Diploma have entered the list of universities and have admission criteria for slots such as: Princeton University, MIT Institute of Technology, Dartmouth College, University of Science and Technology. Cornell University, Rice University, Carnegie Mellon University, Wake Forest University, and the University of Michigan. Others are biological and are studying 19 international programs in 7 countries: Malaysia, Spain, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland, France and Canada.

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