EQuest Education Group’s programs will be seeking accreditation internationally by Cognia

Official information from EQuest Education Group (https://equest.vn/) says that starting from June 2021, all the teaching programs of the schools in the group will participate in accreditation by the most famous educational accreditation organization in America, Cognia.  

EQuest’s general education programs will be pre-tested to bring these schools up to the necessary standards in general education and international inclusion. Another learning program, such as the one implemented by IvyPrep, is also included in this accreditation program.

These are Students at the St. Nicholas School – a member of EQuest Group

This time EQuest’s accreditation of the general education program and iSMART education program must also follow the strict Cognia process and standards. Accordingly, at first, the programs should be built and completed in accordance with the international standards set by Cognia. Working groups are also required to self-test that Cognia baseline standards are met before the organization agrees to take the test.

Cognia – formerly AdvancED – is a leading international accreditation organization in the world, with a history of 125 years. Cognia is trusted by the US Department of Education in conducting accreditation for high schools throughout the US education system. Currently, Cognia is testing programs related to 25 million students in 80 countries worldwide. When accredited by Cognia, schools receive standard honors such as the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI); Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). These test results are also recognized by six other educational accreditation organizations in the region in North America.

The American standard curriculum is accredited and recognized

In Vietnam today, most bilingual and international schools are accredited by Cognia (under the name AdvancED) during the past time. Cognia accreditation has helped Vietnamese students’ academic certificates gain international recognition on a global scale.

Since its inception and throughout the development process, EQuest Group’s high schools have consistently implemented the curriculum designed according to international standards to ensure international standards and integration. for students. At the same time during the development process, the group always requires updating and standardizing the program according to new international standards and updates to ensure the competitiveness of educational products and services. Program levels are generally required within the school year and are usually only updated after a few months internationally.

SNS Students experienced many extracurricular activities

The EQuest Education Group values the standardization of its educational programs and the recognition of Cognia once again affirms this group’s desire. After being accredited, many academic certificates issued by schools in the EQuest system are automatically recognized by most schools globally and do not need to undergo a verification or certificate transfer.

EQuest Group is one of the educational groups having the strongest growth in recent years with 17 units and affiliated schools and more than 80,000 students and students. EQuest’s system has 4 schools and a system of inter-level schools: Alpha School, Newton Grammar School, Victory Experimental School …

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