Hello, my name is Thanh Tuan, and everyone in SNS calls me Travis’. In Grade 12, I am currently enrolled in the international program.

As a senior, I naturally have a variety of emotions: whether you’re joyful or sad. It’s exciting to begin a new school year with many new things and hope that we’ll see them again, even if just on screens. I’m excited to start a new school year and participate in the activities that await. I’m glad we’re now high school seniors.

It’s still sad because I can’t talk to my friends in person, but what not only me but all Nicholasers of Grade 12 will be saddest about the last year to be at the school and possibly the last year to see each other when everyone will have their own plans for their own future.

As a result, for Grade 12 students, this will be a wonderful academic year filled with memories and feelings that will last a lifetime. Let us look forward to a new school year full of pleasure and new experiences for all Nicholasers, not only Grade 12 students.

Last but not least, I’d like to wish everyone good health and remind everyone to keep safe these days. Stay safe, and we’ll see you soon!

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