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Registration link for Middle & High School students:

SNS Extra-Curricular Clubs, this year, are built to meet students’ individual needs, ensuring students are developed in-depth with specific competencies tailored to their interests and developmental needs.

In 2021 – 2022, the clubs built and organized by SNS’ head teachers are diverse and rich, suitable for each age group.

  • 9 Clubs for Primary students including: French, Logo, Chess, Sports, Dance, Drama, Singing & Music, Arts, Storytelling. Primary students join the clubs according to the arrangement of the School, the number of clubs, and the timetable will be changed each semester.
  • 8 Clubs for Middle & High School students including: Archery, Handball, Astronomy, Singing & Music, Chess, Debate, STEM, Dance. Students must choose at least two clubs and no more than five for obvious reasons as long as they’re on different days.

Each club will be led by a teacher and a group leader who is a member of the Student Council. With clear rules, specific activity plans, and professional organization, this year’s clubs promise to bring new and exciting things to the children.

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