St. Nicholas School is excited to welcome all our beloved students. The complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic makes it impossible for our students to be back to school in-person. Yet SNS wishes all our resilient students a new school year full of significant learning experiences, achieving your personal goals and overcoming all difficulties and challenges ahead.
SNS has made careful preparations for the New School Year, which include:
– Online professional training for all teachers
– SNS teachers have sent a Welcome Letter to parents and students, including information about the homerooms, timetable, virtual classroom rules, instructions on using Bloomz App (an official information channel for communication between Parents and Teachers)
Being determined to keep the quality of online learning as high as that of classroom learning, all teachers will check students’ attendance in each class, monitor homework, ensure that students’ development progress is recorded and evaluated.
SNS is ready to receive questions, suggestions and recommendations from parents to improve our services as expected by the community.

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