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An open door to
top American universities

Having a ticket to top American universities such as MIT, Harvard and so on is a dream of many great parents and students alike

An Open Door to Top American Universities

Having a ticket to top American universities such as MIT and Harvard is a dream shared by many great parents and students alike. However, the pathway to that dream is seldom easy and often formidable.  This long and arduous process is made simple at St. Nicholas, where our team of teachers, advisors, and counselors are available to help you navigate your path to college from day one.

Our slogan, “DREAMS MADE SOUND,” instills the value that students are encouraged not just to dream but to dream big. Students are shown that a top American college is within their grasp after graduating from SNS.


This is made possible because upon graduation they will receive an American National High School Diploma, allowing them to apply for top American universities.  This also allows them to qualify for low-cost tuition rates as local residents do.

Furthermore, our built-in strategic pathways offer an easy-to-follow guide to your choice of top universities by simplifying the many hurdles a student faces when applying for college.